Campus Security

The safety of students, employees, and visitors is a matter of highest priority for the University.

Campus security includes service of a night watchman locking doors, checking buildings and tending boilers. Building checks are monitored through Morse Watchman Tour-Pro. All exterior doors are normally locked at the conclusion of activities for the day and are kept locked on weekends and holidays. Faculty and staff are responsible for locking their own doors.

Night Watchman
A night watchman is on duty during evening hours and can be reached by cell phone at 480-3348.
If calling from on campus, dial 9-480-3348.

Maintenance Emergency
In case of a maintenance emergency on weekends or holidays, call the following people:

Name Responsibility Phone
Corey Braskamp Physical Plant Manager
Kelvin Hoekman Electrical 9-480-0633
Brian Benson Plumbing and HVAC 9-270-7615
Jeff Rasmussen Plumbing and HVAC 9-270-0716
Eric Hass Carpenter and Locks 9-1-605-366-5985
Ben Gearhart Carpenter and Locks 9-480-2553
Pat Keating Physical Plant Director 9-256-4085 or

Last Updated: 5/23/13