Emergency After-hour Contact

During normal working hours, requests may be called in but must be limited to conditions that would immediately affect the health/safety of personnel or create a condition that, if not corrected immediately, would result in further damage or cost.

Emergency situations occurring outside of working hours should be reported to the Night Watchman at 480-3348 (If calling from on campus, dial 9-480-3348). The night watchman’s office number is 9-256-5221 and hours on campus are 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

If the night watchman cannot be reached, please feel free to call one of the maintenance people.

Name Responsibility Phone
Corey Braskamp Physical Plant Manager
Kelvin Hoekman Electrical 9-480-0633
Brian Benson Plumbing and HVAC 9-270-7615
Jeff Rasmussen Plumbing and HVAC 9-270-0716
Eric Hass Carpenter and Locks 9-1-605-366-5985
Ben Gearhart Carpenter and Locks 9-480-2553
Pat Keating Physical Plant Director 9-256-4085 or

Last Updated: 5/23/13