Student Permit Order/Registration


Cost of permit will be added to student’s tuition bill.

Permits may be picked up at the Cashiers Office in Heston Hall.

Permits Available:

  • Green permit (available to all students) - $32.00
  • SOLD OUT Blue permit (limited to Residence Hall students) - $50.00
  • Handicap Permit:
    • $32.00 - Available to all students with state-issued handicap permit
    • $50.00 - Limited to Residence Hall students with state-issued handicap permit

Faculty & Staff Permit Order/Registration


You will need your Colleague ID to enter the system.

If you do not know your Colleague ID, go to the DSU home page, hover over SIGN IN in the upper right corner, click on Login Help then click on Lookup Accounts and enter your information.

Permits Available:

  • Faculty/staff Red Reserved Permit – $78.00
  • Faculty/staff Purple Remote permit – $45.00

Parking Enforcement

The Physical Plant is responsible for enforcing the campus parking policy and strives to do this as fairly as possible.

The parking program is self sustaining in that the revenue generated goes to support the maintenance and construction of the parking lots. Decisions on policy are recommended by a committee made up of students, faculty and staff representatives. An appeals committee is also made available for anyone who feels they were issued a citation unjustly. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to review the parking policy to become familiar with parking on campus.

DSU Parking Policy

Finding Authorized Space

Drivers are responsible for finding authorized parking space. Lack of parking space, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities do not justify parking violations.

Space Availability
A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space but only the opportunity to park within a specified area or areas. See the DSU map (link at left of page) for parking areas.

Permit Display
When parked on campus, vehicles must display a DSU permit on the driver’s side front windshield with the permit number facing to the outside. A permit is not considered valid unless properly displayed on the vehicle.

Permit Ownership
A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property.

Parking Regulations
In general, parking is prohibited: without a valid parking permit; in "No Parking" areas; in handicapped spaces without a proper University permit; blocking fire lanes, fire exits, or doorways; or in loading zones unless actually loading (flashers must be on and vehicle must be moved within 15-minute time period). Parking regulations are in effect five (5) days a week, Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. in most areas. Refer to policy for exceptions. The owner/operator is responsible for parking violations.

Visitor Permits

  • Visitor permits are available at the Physical Plant.

Parking Fines

  1. No college parking permit – Cost of Permit
  2. Improper display of permit - $20
  3. Illegal parking in student or visitor parking area - $40
  4. Illegal parking in red reserved parking area - $60
  5. Illegal parking in handicap area - $250
  6. Illegal parking in fire lane or loading area - $75
  7. Improperly parking between curb markings - $20
  8. Parking on the lawn/driving on campus - $100
  9. No overnight parking - $50
  10. Warning – No fine

Fines are to be paid at the Cashier's Office or online.

Appeal Procedure:
Citations may be appealed within seven calendar days at

Snow Removal:
Snow alerts affecting city streets around campus will be issued by the City of Madison. Listen to KJAM and watch for an email from Student Services.

Snow removal alerts for campus will be issued by the Physical Plant and will include suggested areas to park.

Questions regarding parking should be referred to the Physical Plant at 256-5222, or by emailing

Last Updated: 8/1/14