Tips to Successfully Promote DSU Events

Here are some ideas to help your event have great attendance.

  1. Carefully plan all aspects of your event to appeal to your desired attendees.
  2. To cut the odds of conflicts, you can:
    1. Check the DSU Master Calendar before setting the date.
    2. Check the Madison High School Activities Calendar of Events.
    3. Check the Madison Chamber Calendar.
    4. Set the date early and communicate it promptly after you set it, asking people to mark the date on their calendars (even if some details are not available yet). This lets people mark their calendars before conflicts develop.
  3. Consider promoting the event electronically.
    1. One option is for you to create a website promoting the event. You can include a link to the event's website from the event's description on DSU's Master Calendar.
    2. To help visitors drive to DSU and park, you are welcome to include a link to driving directions and our campus map.
    3. Post the event on the DSU Master Calendar ASAP by contacting Kim Wermers by email or phone, 256-5225.
    4. Consider emailing your target audience, e.g., faculty and staff, when appropriate.
  4. Post your event on the community calendar sites for the Sioux Falls media outlets.
  5. You may also want to create a Facebook Event if your organization has a Facebook account.
  6. If your event is an art event, you may submit it free to the SDPR Arts Calendar. Event must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  7. If your event is targeted at a local audience, consider publicizing it using the Madison cable stations. Fax your information to Prairie Wave fax #427-7456 and Midcontinent fax #256-4908.
  8. The department sponsoring the event typically pays for the promotional costs.
  9. If the event is for students, you may contact Kim Wermers or Mandy Parpart in Student Affairs.
  10. DSU's Production Center can design brochures, posters, etc.
  11. If you'd like Public Relations (PR) to promote the event, please notify PR ASAP. PR will consider DSU priorities and if feasible will work with you to promote your event via free media, advertising, and/or the DSU electronic sign at Washington Ave and 2nd Street NE.
  12. You can contact the Madison Daily Leader. Please inform University Relations in advance.
  13. Remind people of the event, but don't annoy people by sending lots of emails about a particular event to all students and/or all staff.

Outside Media

Last Updated: 5/1/13