AIRL LogoCITRIX Instructions

The following research software is available under the Analysis folder at

  • Expert Choice
  • Exsys Corvid
  • GAMS
  • Lisrel
  • Powersim Studio
  • Stylus Studio XML


  1. Remember to save to the H: drive, not to My Documents when using Citrix
  2. Students can try to save to their local machines by using Save As and choosing the V: drive to save to. That will let them save their assignment files across the internet to their own computer if they need to, but depending on their internet service provider and internet congestion it can be very slow to transfer from the Citrix server to their home if they are off campus. In the Save As box the V: drive should show as "C$ on 'Client' (V:)" for most apps.
  3. You normally have to use Internet Explorer in order to use but you can now download the new Citrix client from Citrix's website and use it with Firefox and other browsers. Download and install this client if you want to try that.

    And remember if you ever see the screen "Client File Security" and it asks about granting access you always want to choose "Full Access" and "Never ask me again".

  • How to Get Access for CITRIX in DSU Domain:
    1. Need to be DSU Student
    2. To access use your dsu "username" and "password"
    3. Type your dsu-user name in "user name:"
    4. Type your dsu-Password in " password"
    5. Choose your Domain As "dsu". Then click "log In"

Last Updated: 7/31/12