Advanced Informatics Research Lab (AIRL)

AIRL LogoWelcome to the Advanced Informatics Research Lab (AIRL) at Dakota State University. The AIRL is a state of the art computing lab supporting applied information systems research in the areas of decision support data and knowledge management, information assurance, and healthcare.

The computing lab supports the information systems faculty, graduate assistants, and students (online and on-campus) involves in the D.Sc. in Information Systems program.

The lab includes infrastructure to support the following research and developmental activities:

  • Development and deployment of prototypes and other research results.
  • Computing capacity conducting statistical analysis, and running and solving models.
  • Allow distance students access to computing resources and specialized workstations and software.
  • A variety of decision support tools and technologies (for building and deploying DSS).
  • Servers running Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Support for .NET, JAVA and other development environment/technologies, e.g., MS SQL, Visual Studio 2005, ...etc.

Last Updated: 7/31/12