About CETUP*

The mission of the CETUP* is to promote an organized research in physics, astrophysics, geoscience, geomicrobiology and other fields related to the underground science via individual and collaborative research in dynamic atmosphere of intense scientific interactions. Our main goal is to bring together scientists scattered around the world, promote the deep underground science and provide a stimulating environment for creative thinking and open communication between researches of varying ages and nationalities.

Long term CETUP* envisions a diverse group of theoretical and experimental physicists, astrophysicists, and geoscientists in year-round internet-based communication. To complement the virtual communication there will be resident- based research as well as different programs available allowing face-to-face collaborations focusing on different overlapping sub-disciplines of underground science. CETUP* also encourages educational scientific collaborations which will be essential in building a critical mass of outstanding scientists of international caliber and attracting rising young scientists to the program.

The scope of the 2014 summer CETUP* program is focused on Long Baseline Neutrino Physics. The "Near Detector Physics" program (organized by Sanjib Mishra and Roberto Petti on July 10- 21) will overlap with “Systematic Uncertainties” program (organized by Elizabeth Worcester and Daniel Cherdack on July 14-18) and will be followed by “Neutrino Interactions” program (organized by Luis Alvarez-Ruso, Jan Sobczyk and Martin Tzanov on July 22-31)

Participants will be free to attend any or all sessions during that three-week period. CETUP* organizers expect a diverse group of prominent physicists to attend, including theorists and experimentalists. Please note that this is not a conference, but rather an Aspen, KITP, or INT style short program.

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