Nu Interactions session

The neutrino interactions session will be focused on inelastic reaction channels. These channels are very important for the current and future oscillation experiments, including LBNE. Even if the oscillation signal is often investigated with quasi-elastic interactions, more elastic channels contribute to the background and should be well understood. It is planned that majority of seminars will be theoretical, but experimental aspects of inelastic neutrino interactions will be discussed as well. Also a status of modeling of inelastic reactions in neutrino Monte Carlo event generators is going to be addressed.

The seminars will cover a variety of topics: delta and heavier resonance excitation models, a role of non-resonant background, nuclear effects in single pion production, coherent pion production, multipion production channels, shallow and deep inelastic scattering, quark-hadron duality, hadronization models, final state interactions, formation time.

It is planned that some time will be devoted to related topics like pion electro- and photo-production, single kaon and eta production, associated strangeness production, pions from hyperon decays.