cpfi-shieldThe National Center for the Protection of the Financial Infrastructure was established in 2009 and is directed by Dr. Kevin Streff, faculty member at Dakota State University. The Research Center studies the security issues of the financial sector, and identifies solutions to these problems. The center has a core group of DSU researchers, but also acts as the lead university in a consortium of other universities, companies and government agencies.

The mission of the center is “Advancing the security and safety of the nation's financial infrastructure through research, education, and outreach” to fortify the critical infrastructure of the financial sector that citizens depend upon each day to conduct daily electronic commerce. The Center participates in research, education and outreach opportunities. The Center has conducted training sessions for technology professionals in the financial industry. The potential is available for training sessions to be on-line or on-site at Dakota State University campus in Madison. These opportunities should bring lots of visitors to Madison to participate in the training sessions.

The Research Center has acquired start-up funding of $2.0 million, of which approximately $750,000 is available for spending in 2010. The Center further anticipates submitting approximately $3-5 million in grants annually. These grants can take the form of capacity building (building out labs and other research components), scholarships (bringing even more students into our information security and technology programs), or research (identifying solutions to well-defined problems). The center was awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for capacity building activities, and a $450,000 grant to conduct scientific research in electronic banking issues. Each of these projects involves multiple students and faculty to execute, leaving the university a bit resource challenged until more faculty are hired and students are recruited.

Dr. Kevin Streff

Last Updated: 8/1/12