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cpfi-shieldDakota State University (DSU) and Graduate School of Banking (GSB) at University of Wisconsin-Madison collaborate on bank technology management school.

Madison, SD (December 20, 2010)— For 66 years, the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (GSB) has been an industry leader in providing advanced management education for financial professionals and for 26 years DSU has been advancing the field of information technology for the financial industry. These two organizations will now come together to offer a Bank Technology Management School as a part of the curriculum available through GSB’s programs. Beginning in April 2011, faculty from Dakota State will offer classes in a range of topics including Managing Information Technology, Information Technology Risk Assessment, and Information Bank Simulation Labs. This partnership recognizes the increasing and vital role that information management plays in the world of banking and finance and acknowledges DSU’s unique area of expertise.

Dr. Kevin Streff, faculty and director of the National Center for the Protection of the Financial Infrastructure will lead the effort at DSU along with Kirby Davidson, president and CEO of GSB.

According to Dr. Streff, “Dakota State University is a National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance and is happy to partner with GSB in bringing information security expertise and education to the partnership. Some of the innovative security education occurring at DSU will be offered through GSB beginning April 2011, such as hands-on ethical hacking laboratories where students learn and practice the latest techniques in hacking so they can defend against these attacks when they return to their bank. We know of no other place where bankers can see in action the very attacks they are concerned about.”

Davidson, added, “As the technologies used to support banking become more important, and as banking products demand more sophisticated technology solutions, it's vital that IT professionals and information security officers understand how to effectively choose, deploy and lead the use of current and emerging technologies to meet business goals and regulatory requirements. The DSU faculty that are serving on the faculty for this new GSB IT School bring the background and tools to help financial institutions succeed in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment.”

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