All plenary talks take place in Room Pine Crest B

Monday, July 8: LHC-Fest and Genesis

Session I: LHC-Higgs

Chair: Barbara Szczerbinska

Session II: Genesis

Chair: Kaladi Babu

Session III: LHC-Dark Matter

Chair: Teruki Kamon

Session IV: Dark Matter Theory

Chair: Bhaskar Dutta

Tuesday, July 9: Dark Matter-Fest

Session V: Dark Matter Detection

Chair: Rouzbeh Allahverdi

Session VI: Dark Matter Detection & Neutrinos

Chair: Frank Avignone

Session VII: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Chair: Rabindra Mohapatra

Session VIII: Dark Matter Detection and Panel Discussion

Chair: Howard Baer

Wednesday, July 10: Cosmic Frontier & GUTs

Session IX: Dark Matter & Neutrinos

Chair: Nicolao Fornengo

Session X: Grand Unified Theories

Chair: Pyungwon Ko

Thursday, July 11: Neutrino-Fest

Session XI: Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Chair: Keith Dienes

Session XII: Neutrino Experiments - 1

Chair: Alex Himmel

Session XIII: Neutrino Experiments - 2

Chair: Kate Scholberg

Session XIV: Neutrino Experiments - 3

Chair: Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins

Friday, July 12: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, & Inflation

Session XV: Dark Matter Theory - 2

Chair: Ernest Ma

Session XVI: Inflation Theory and Experiment

Chair: Raymond Frey

Session XVII: Dark Energy

Chair: Jason Kumar

Session XVIII: Contributed Parallel Sessions
Session XVIIII (A), Room Pine Crest B

Chair: Pearl Sandick

Session XVIII (B), Room Roosevelt

Chair: Ilia Gogoladze

Saturday, July 13: Cosmic Frontier

Session XIX: Cosmic and Gravity Frontiers

Chair: Paolo Gondolo

Session XX: Closing Session

Chair: Barbara Szczerbinska

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Last Updated: 7/26/13