Trojan Gold Agreement

Terms and Conditions

The term "you" and "your" in this Agreement refers to the person whose name and photo appears on the University Card. The terms "DSU," "we" and "us" refer to Dakota State University. The terms "card" and "Trojan Gold" refer to our school ID once your card has been activated for Trojan Gold.

University Card Loading

To activate your University Card, you will need to load your card with funds, before you use it. You may load your card in one of the following ways: by cash, by check, or by major credit card. Such payments will be loaded on to your card immediately. If we credit funds to your account before your payment has cleared, you understand and agree that you will be liable should your payment be returned to us as unpaid. We are entitled to freeze any funds remaining on your card in the event a payment is returned unpaid; in addition, we shall be entitled to bill $20.00 from your card to cover the cost of handling any such unpaid items.

University Card Usage

The amount of each purchase including tax will be deducted from your funds loaded on your card. You agree to only use the card for purchases of goods and services, not to obtain cash from a merchant. You may return purchases to merchant contingent upon their return policy, for a refund allocated to your card.

It is your responsibility to monitor your spending activity through the use of the University Food Service or the University Card Office in the Student Services Center. If you attempt to use your card when there are insufficient funds available, the transaction should not be approved. If such a transaction would be approved, causing your account to develop a negative amount, you agree to pay such amount promptly. The University Card is to be in the card holders possession at all times. Lending this card to anyone is a violation of Student Conduct Policy. You may not permit anyone to use this card. And finally, you agree to notify us at once if your card is lost or stolen.


All funds loaded through the Trojan Gold program will be carried over from school term to school term. At the point you graduate or terminate your studies at DSU, you may request a refund of remaining funds. All balances greater that $20.00 will be returned. If you have less than $20.00 remaining on your card, we will not issue a refund but encourage you to spend the balance out. Any funds not requested for refund after 90 days from your termination of agreement will become the property of Dakota State University.

Last Updated: 6/6/12