Differences between ADA 504 and IDEA

Especially for first year students and their parents, it is important to know that ADA 504 is different from the IDEA modifications they may have had in high school. The purpose of ADA accommodations is not to guarantee a student's success but to offer equal access to the college's programs, services, and activities. At the university level, we offer accommodations for assignments but course requirements are not altered or modified on the college level. Students with disabilities are required to meet all expectations for the course. Convenience is not an accommodation. Individuals wanting to better understand the differences between ADA and IDEA may wish to visit the following websites:

For a concise overview: High School vs. College

For ADA:

For IDEA: Overview
or U.S Department of Education's IDEA Regulations WebpageSite opens in new window

Last Updated: 6/6/12