Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit honors are earned by campus organizations that sponsor and participate in numerous events or projects during the year and report them to the Student Activities Center staff.


Certificate-of-Merit-2014.jpgLeft to Right: Jessica Simcox, Women in Science & Technology, President; Charles Williams, Gender & Sexuality Alliance, President; Andrew Van Demark, Phi Beta Lambda, President; Courtney Hoff, Student Activities Board and Student Ambassadors, President


Certificate-of-Merit-2013.jpgBack: Zach Merrill, Phi Beta Lambda, President
Front: Molly Miller, Delta Mu Delta, President; Kaitlyn Nelson, Colleges Against Cancer, President


Certificates of MeritBack: Alexz Smith, Phi Beta Lambda, President; Hilary Carruthers, Emry Hall Council, President; Brice Christensen, Delta Mu Delta, President;
Front: Kaitlyn Nelson, Colleges Against Cancer, President-Elect; Emily Hansen, Student Activities Board, Student Rep; John Niesen, Student Ambassadors, Student Rep.


Certificates of MeritBack: Roxanna Williams, Abby Mehlbrech, Allison Perry, Addie Jastram, Ted Jackson
Front: Cari Jones, Erin Alwin, Josh Thomas, Ashley Place


certificate of merit
Back: Sarah Keppen, Jessica Parsley, Casie Miller, Casey Swanson, Ted Jackson;
Front: Addie Jastram, Abby Mehlbrech, Clarice Bauer and Cari Jones, Jenna Lilyquist


Certificate of Merit
Front - Jordan Frisch, Alan Luense, Alisa Schamber, Denise Livingston, Sarah Keppen;
Back - Adam Learning, Jessica Parsley, Clarice Bauer, Jenny Grabinger, Jake Heckmann, Kara Pitchford


Certificate of Merit 08
Front - Clarice Bauer, Scarlett Hahn, Jesse Erdman, Adrienne Boese;
Back - Nickole Christiansen, Jenny Grabinger, Roxanna Williams, Javeria Javed, Chase Anderton

Last Updated: 4/28/14