College Student Leaders

The College Student Leader award is intended to honor students in good academic standing who also demonstrate outstanding leadership. Students are selected by each of the three academic colleges.


College-Student-Leaders-2014.jpgJoel Wohnoutka, Katarina Knock, Chris Pueppke, Julie Munson, Dillon Dwyer


College-Student-Leaders-2013.jpgBack: Michael Kent, James Chattin
Front: John Niesen, Brittany Rosberg, Dan Crisler


College Students Leaders 2012
Back: Vidur Bhalla, Ashton Lansink, Brandon Large
Front: Stephanie Uher, Lauren LaBar


College Student LeadersBack: Kevin McLain, Cynthia Paulson, Heather Beck
Front: Jenna Jewell, Tosha Inhofer, Kylie Terca


college student leaders
Back: Amy Pheneger, Ted Jackson;
Front: Kristin Miller, Delci Christensen


College Student Leaders
Front - Fawn Killion, Amy Woolston, Kari Michel;
Back - William Voecks, Jenny Grabinger, Hallie Glover


College Student Leaders 08
Front - Lee Payne, Jodi Neugebauer, Catherine Ingham;
Back - Trevor Strobel, Amy Woolston

Last Updated: 4/29/14