Residence Life

Mission Statement

The department of residence life respects the well being and individuality of each student by providing a safe community that enhances social, educational and leadership opportunities.

We fulfill this mission statement by:

  • providing recently renovated facilities in all residence halls that enhance the living-learning environment
  • establishing student run hall councils designed to develop leaders in a dynamic and interactive community
  • hiring professional live-in staff and student staff members with exceptional knowledge and training who are committed to assisting students in developing life skills that compliment academic success
  • working cooperatively with support services designed to assist students in their ability to succeed

Board of Regents Housing Requirements

During the first two years from the time they were or would have been graduated from high school, all unmarried students who enroll in courses delivered on a main campus for six credit hours or more are required to enter into a housing agreement with the institution unless special permission to room elsewhere is received from the institution. Permission ordinarily shall be granted to students with dependent children or to students who reside full time during the academic year with parents or legal guardians. Students who have enrolled for twelve or more credits for four (4) semesters may be exempted from this agreement at the discretion of the institution.

Development of Residents

We understand that the start of the school year can be filled with a variety of emotions. Our goal is to help make the transition as seamless as possible so that you don't feel overwhelmed or unprepared. Here are some links to some of that information.  Our motto is engage. encourage. empower.

And we feel that leading a balanced life requires students to have the knowledge, skills, and coping mechanisms to do so.  The Department of Residence Life engages students in out of class learning opportunities and partners with academic counterparts to influence their success within the classroom.  We define the social, educational, and leadership objectives of our residents through the seven concepts of leading, engaged, respectful, prepared, independent, sensible, and well.

Also, encouraging a sense of community within the Residence Halls is important to establish a support system and place of belonging for students living there. Community can only be effectively established if there is respect for all parties involved. The students also need to feel that they “make” the community and have a voice. We define the social, educational, and leadership objectives of our residential community through these five concepts: just, purposeful, governed, respectful, and celebrative.

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Last Updated: 6/4/14