Experience Approach:

Outcomes will be achieved through guided experiences implementing active and passive learning approaches structured through a reflective model; deliberative communication between peers and staff, providing an avenue for constructive thoughts and responses; and incorporated student-led, student-initiated projects and programs.

Experience Outcomes:

Outcome: Effective Intrapersonal Development

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills within a large or small group setting.
  • Constructively giving and receiving feedback in a respectful and appropriate manner.
  • Demonstrating academic integrity.
  • Utilizing available academic planning resources and exploring various styles of learning and study strategies.
  • Welcoming relationships with peers different from you.
  • Exploring and identifying how personal beliefs and values influence your own perspective.
  • Behaving in a socially responsible, principled, balanced and safe manner.
  • Addressing stress and adversity while exhibiting healthy behaviors for nutrition, sleep, and exercise.
  • Embracing opportunities for growth through positive, meaningful relationships.
  • Fostering cognitive, emotional, and ethical complexity.

Outcome: Effective Community Development

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Taking responsibility for choices and decisions made as a student and member of the community.
  • Actively involved in creating an inclusive community.
  • Assisting in creating and following community agreements and standards.
  • Developing a sense of belonging, pride, and connection to your community.
  • Acknowledging that multiple perspectives exist on any given topic.
  • Involved in celebrating individual, floor, and community achievements.

Last Updated: 8/2/13