Prospective Students

Board of Regents Housing Requirements

During the first two years from the time they were or would have been graduated from high school, all unmarried students who enroll in courses delivered on a main campus for six credit hours or more are required to enter into a housing agreement with the institution unless special permission to room elsewhere is received from the institution. Permission ordinarily shall be granted to students with dependent children or to students who reside full time during the academic year with parents or legal guardians. Students who have enrolled for twelve or more credits for four (4) semesters may be exempted from this agreement at the discretion of the institution.

Residence Hall and Roommate Assignment Process

All new to DSU students must complete a housing contract or an off-campus housing form if eligible to live off campus. Each student must indicate their residence hall preference when filling out their housing contract. Residence hall rooms are assigned on a first-come, first serve basis so the earlier a student sends in their housing contract the better their chances are that they will be assigned to their first choice. 

To request a housing contract or an off-campus form please contact:

Mandie Craven
(605) 256-5146

Students who request each other on their housing contract are automatically assigned as roommates. (example: Bob requests Dean and Dean requests Bob) Students not requesting a specific roommate will be assigned someone by the Housing Office. The Assignment Coordinator will attempt to assign individuals with similar interests. Students must move into the room assigned to them.

Last Updated: 6/6/12