Sophomore and Upperclassman

Experience Outcomes:

Effective community engagement, academic success, intrapersonal development, and citizenship

Crossroads and Self-Authorship

  • Recognize legitimacy of other cultures but immersed in one’s own culture.
  • Evolve awareness of limitations of dependent relationships
  • Evolve awareness of multiple perspectives and uncertainty
  • Evolve awareness of own values and identity
  • Evolve awareness that knowledge is contextual.
  • Able to use multiple cultural frames
  • Development of internal belief system and sense of self including social identities
  • Capacity to engage in authentic
  • Interdependent relationships with diverse others

Educational Approach

  • Choice in activities, plans, and processes
  • Requires strong student input on goals
  • Create opportunities for prolonged engagement, intensive reflection and greater student responsibility.
  • Emphasis on collegial exchange of ideas
  • Initiate experience, plans and process
  • Will develop a self and not rely on staff as authority.

Outcome: Effective Community Engagement

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Taking responsibility for choices and decisions made as a student and member of the community.
  • Uphold community standards while trusting, respecting and holding fellow peers accountable for meeting community standards
  • Actively involved in creaking an inclusive community
  • Develop strong problem solving skills to address and resolve interpersonal conflicts that may arise in your community.
  • Unite in-class and out of class learning experiences.
  • Pursue teaching and learning experience with diverse individuals
  • Participate in local and global communities in and outside of Dakota State University.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with individuals different from you

Outcome: Academic Success

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Evaluate and enhance goals for one’s educational experience.
  • Explore career and post-graduation experiences and opportunities.
  • Assess and reflect on multiple perspectives on any given topic.
  • Utilize residential community to support one’s academic endeavors.
  • Acquire opportunities and resources for educational experience and learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Maintain positive connections with staff, faculty and classmates
  • Continuously strive to pursue one’s personal and intellectual growth.
  • Apply lessons learned/knowledge gained to post graduation plans.

Outcome: Intrapersonal Development

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Engage in behaviors that promote your personal health and well-being
  • Maintain confidence and competence as a university student
  • Develop critical reflection skills
  • Enhance personal values
  • Understand the impact of one’s personal choices
  • Explore and compare multiple aspects for one’s identity
  • Reinforce one’s aptitude to overcome failures
  • Establish interdependent relationships.
  • Explore and incorporate multiple perspectives into one’s worldview
  • Acknowledge one’s dominant identity.

Outcome: Citizenship

If you are meeting this goal, you are:

  • Apply the meaning of citizenship for lifelong social responsibility.
  • Respect the university values
  • Recognize and apply power and privilege structures
  • Actively participate in creating and applying inclusive communities.
  • Express one’s culture and position within society.
  • Acquire an awareness of local, regional, national and global cultural issues
  • Recognize one as a member of a diverse campus community
  • Acquire skills to engage in civil dialogue.
  • Establish how one is and can be an advocate and ally for others and one’s self.
  • Evaluate the relationship between one’s cultural position and structures of power and privilege.
Last Updated: 6/26/12