Men's and Women's 3-Pt. Shootout

  • Each team will consist of 3 and only 3 players
  • Each team member will get to shoot once per round
  • Each individual round will take 60 seconds
  • The shooter can shoot from anywhere behind the 3-pt arch
  • If the player crosses the 3-pt line at any time before release of a shot, no points will be awarded
  • There will be NO money ball at anytime during the competition
  • During a round, one team member will shoot while the other 2 members will rebound
  • Once the round is over the score will be reported to the Intramural Official
  • After 1 round, the top 4 teams with the best overall team score will advance to the playoffs
  • Each team will compete in one full round in the playoffs
  • The 2 teams with the highest score will qualify for the championship
  • Championship will consist of one round
  • The individual with the highest score after the first round will be the individual champion
  • In case of a tie for the individual champion, the players will shoot 10 3-pts. The player who makes the most will win

Last Updated: 6/6/12