1. All entries must be registered online by filling out the form using the link to the left or e-mailed to the Intramural Sports Department (intramurals@pluto.dsu.edu). All e-mails will receive a reply confirming registration. Please allow at least 24 hours for confirmation. Entries will only be accepted for the latest upcoming events. Entries sent before the registration opens will be deleted and must be re-submitted.
  2. Team entries must be received by 12pm (Noon) on the previous day of the leagues start date to be eligible for participation.  Deadlines will also be posted on the Intramural Sports Department website and announced on the DSU Activities Post emails.
  3. The number of participants on each team is specified according to the rules of each sport.
  4. A Captain's meeting may be held for each activity/league prior to the start of the event. Team captains will receive notification via e-mail if there is to be a meeting. At said meetings, the Intramural Director or a Student Director will provide event/game schedules, event rules, liability sheets, and additional information concerning the activity/league. Failure to send a team representative to this meeting will result in forfeiture of the first two league games or the first game of double- elimination tournaments.

Last Updated: 6/6/12