Under 6' Basketball

Rules are the same as for college play with the following exceptions:

  • All Males must be under '6 with shoes on--no exceptions
  • The length of playing time will be divided into two 18 minute halves.
  • The halftime break is two minutes.
  • Once started, the clock will run continuously until the end of the half.
  • Each team will have one time out per game.
  • Substitution can only occur during a dead ball period. The sub must alert the official who will wave the sub into the game.
  • Overtime games will be decided by playing an extra period of two minutes. The team ahead at the end of this period wins. If the game is still tied, a sudden death period will be started immediately and the team scoring first either by free throw or field goal will be the winner.
  • Once the official placed the ball at the free throw line, the shooter has ten seconds to take the ball and to complete the shot. If the player fails to step to the line and shoot the ball in the allotted time, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team at the sideline and opposite from the free throw stripe.
  • A ball not inbounded within five seconds is turned over to the other team. A player stepping over the restraining line to inbound the ball will also turn the ball over to the other team.
  • Bonus free throws will be shot after the 7th team foul of each half.
  • Any fouls involving excessive force or that undercut a player will result in two free throws for the offended player plus his/her team will retain the ball at mid- court. The person whistled for the foul will be ejected from the game immediately and serve a minimum two game suspension.
  • After 5 personal fouls, the person is out of the game.
  • Non-shooting fouls will be taken out of bounds nearest the point of the foul.
  • When a technical foul is called on a player, he/she must sit out a mandatory 10 minute period beginning immediately. The technical will also be reported in the Intramural Sports Department. A second technical will result in a 2 game suspension. A third technical will result in suspension from the league for the remainder of the season.
  • A basket by a male is worth the usual point values (2 or 3 points).

General Regulations

  • Teams may provide their own jersey's. However, if no team has "game jersey's", pennies will be checked out to each team captain 5 minutes before game time. Captains will be charged for jerseys not returned after the game."
  • A team must have 80% of the starting line-up (4 players) on the floor at the designated starting time with no more than 3 men in the line-up or the game will be declared a forfeit.
  • Players may only play with one team. If he/she plays for a team and is not signed up, he/she will be declared ineligible for further basketball competition and face disciplinary action. All games played prior to this time will be forfeited. If found playing later, the team on which he/she is playing will forfeit the game and face further disciplinary sanctions from the Intramural Council.
  • Each team must select someone to assist with the scoring during the game. There must be a scorekeeper from each team at the score sheet throughout the entire game.
  • Teams will be limited to 9 eligible players on the team roster. Changes in the roster can be made up to the beginning of the first game. Additions and deletions to the original roster after the first game may be made only with permission of the Intramural Director.

Authority of Officials

  • Any abuse of officials from any player, players, or captain will mean immediate ejection from the game, followed by a 2 game suspension.
  • Any player committing a flagrant technical foul will be ejected from the game immediately and be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season.

Last Updated: 6/6/12