Career Services

We believe that placement is a process, not a result so we work with students, parents, and colleagues to engage students in the career development process from their earliest days on campus. We constantly build productive partnerships with employers and alumni that create career opportunities for our graduates. Getting connected with Career Services early will engage you in a three step approach that has a proven success rate!

  • Student Employment provides a variety of part-time job listings available to fit your student schedule. In addition, we are able to access the job listings from the South Dakota Career Center. We also provide a wide variety of summer/seasonal job listings of positions available locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Internships are typically explored by students after their second full year of college. Engaging and completing an internship gives students "hands on" experience in a "real world" professional setting, a potential placement with the employer after graduation, and high-quality professional references.
  • Placement is the ultimate goal so we provide students with individualized career counseling workshops, opportunities to interview with several companies that come to campus, vacancy listings, and job fair opportunities. In addition, we offer to maintain credential files on behalf of each DSU graduate.

Dakota State University graduates continue to enjoy positive placement success because of their academic achievements, training in technology, internships, and career readiness preparation. We want all DSU students and graduate to meet their career potential. Come visit us today!

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Last Updated: 6/7/12