Student Development

The Student Development Office, located in the Student Success Center in the Trojan Center Underground, provides a variety of services related to student retention. It functions as a central location for students, faculty and staff to establish relationships that will promote personal and academic excellence for each and every student.

The personnel within Student Development support student involvement in, and ownership of, their unique learning process. The mission is to help each student succeed academically, socially, and personally in an interdisciplinary world. Relationship development, personal and developmental counseling are tools Student Development staff employ to ensure student achievements and help students recognize the value of their unique skills, talents, ideas, awareness and capabilities.


  • Personal
  • Academic
  • Study Skills
  • Referrals

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Referrals
  • Resources
  • Student/Faculty Awareness


  • Campus Asset Team
  • Academic Probation Team

Alcohol, Other Drugs (AOD)

  • Screening
  • Education
  • Counseling
  • Referral
  • Case-Management
  • Continuing Care
  • Consultation
  • Staff Training


  • Student Success Assistants
  • Academic Skills CD's
  • English Resource Center
  • Interactive Software

Student Success Assistants

Student Success Assistants work in the Student Success Center located in the lower level of the Trojan Center. The Success Center is an excellent place where you can ask students "in the know" about life at DSU: there is no such thing as a "stupid" question.

Success Assistants assist students in learning basic academic skills like time management, effective note taking and test taking. They are also available to ask questions about anything from dealing with stress to questions about adjusting to college life. Student Success Assistants are students who have learned good academic skills, and are successful at Dakota State.

DSU's Disability Services:

Students with disabilities (physical and/or learning disabilities) can request accommodations at DSU.

Steps in requesting accommodations:

  • Contact the ADA Academic Coordinator, Keith Bundy in the Student Services Center at 256-5121 or visit our website at
  • Provide appropriate documentation of your disability
  • Request accommodations for your disability

Once you have made your request for accommodations, that request will be acted upon by the ADA Coordinator.

In order to make sure your requests are received and acted upon in a timely manner; contact the ADA Academic Coordinator as soon as possible upon your acceptance to DSU. Waiting until the first days or weeks of classes unnecessarily delays the accommodations you may need in order to have a successful career at Dakota State. All requests and accommodations are private and confidential.

Student Support/Wellness Counselor 

Dakota State University offers a full continuum of services dealing with alcohol and other drug related issues as part of our larger developmental asset model for student development. Screening and assessment, education, personal counseling, case management, referral, continuing care, training and consultation are all available through the Student Success Center located in the Trojan Center - Underground. DSU contracts with local service providers and works closely with area recovery organizations to provide individualized services for students. Discounted rates are also available for student referrals.

Student interventions are developed using a wide range of campus and community referral sources: faculty, staff, student, residence life and local law enforcement. The goal of every intervention strategy is to address potential student issues at the earliest onset, when successful outcomes are most likely to occur.

For more information, contact the Student Support/Wellness Counselor at 605-256-5121.

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Last Updated: 11/12/13