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The Student Health Office is located at Interlakes Clinic at 903 North Washington Avenue - on the northeast edge of campus (directly north of Zimmermann Hall). The Student Health Fee is paid by all students as part of their General Activity Fee. This fee is NOT a substitute for health insurance.

DSU Student Affairs strongly encourages all students to carry health insurance.

The South Dakota Board of Regents has endorsed an optional injury and sickness insurance plan, and strongly recommends that all students carry this or some form of health insurance. International students are required to purchase this plan.

This DSU Student Health agreement with Interlakes Clinic provides the following:

  • The three DSU Registered Nurse Contacts are Jill, Marilee and Teresa. Services are offered during normal operating hours of 8:30-4:00 Monday-Friday and urgent care only on Saturday from 9:00-11:00. Their phone number is 256-6951.
  • You must identify yourself as a DSU student at the reception desk or when calling the Clinic. Be prepared to present your student ID and an insurance card for proper insurance company billing.
  • You will first visit the Nurse's Station for evaluation. If students are judged by the nurse as needing to see a physician/physician assistant, the nurse will make an appointment. Each student will be allowed up to three such diagnostic office visits per semester. A visit to the Nurse's Station does not count as a visit toward the three office visits.
  • The DSU Health Services Nurse's Station at Interlakes Medical Center can assist students with the following:
    • Treat minor illnesses, injuries, and routine allergy shots.
    • Screen and refer those requiring further diagnosis and care to the physician/physician assistant.
    • Provide educational material and information to the students as needed.
    • Utilize the state STD program in providing available testing and treatment.
    • Provide examination in conjunction with the Community Health Family Planning Project.

All new incoming college students, transfers, and returning former students born in 1957 or later must document their immune status for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Proof of two doses of the MMR vaccine or proof of a Rubeola and Rubella titer is required prior to enrollment at DSU. The South Dakota Board of Regents also strongly encourages all students to get the meningitis vaccination.

Each student has access to all the facilities of the Madison Community Center through the General Activity Fee. The Center has a pool and sauna, running track, fitness equipment, basketball and racquetball courts. These opportunities for exercise are complemented by an extensive DSU Intramural Sports program.

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