Welcome to Student Development at DSU!

The Office of Student Development, located in the Student Success Center in the lower level of the Trojan Center, provides a variety of services related to student retention.  It functions as a central location for students, faculty and staff to establish relationships that will promote personal and academic excellence for each and every student.  The personnel within Student Development support student involvement in, and ownership of, her/his unique learning process. The mission is to help each student succeed academically, socially, and personally in a multicultural and interdisciplinary world.  Relationship development, personal discovery and developmental counseling are tools Student Development staff employ to ensure student achievements and help students recognize the value of their unique skills, talents, ideas, awareness's and capacities.

Keith Bundy,
Director Student Development

The Underground
in the Trojan Center
Phone - 256-5121

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Last Updated: 6/7/12