Amanda Gilman '10Amanda Gilman

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

5th Grade Teacher at Longfellow Elementary School
Mitchell High School Sideline Cheer Coach
Mitchell School District

Interesting facts

Amanda's cheer squad won the prestigious "Spirit of Six" award at the 2012 State Boys Basketball Tournament  which was her first year coaching in Mitchell.

Her career in teaching is unique because they departmentalize Math and Reading. Therefore, she teaches Reading/Language Arts classes for a good portion of her day. She is able to use her Reading Minor from DSU to really focus in on being an "expert" in the reading field. Amanda has the opportunity to work with all of the 5th graders at Longfellow Elementary school.

Her DSU experience...

"The integration of technology in the education program at Dakota State has prepared me for my job in education in countless ways. Technology is constantly changing, and as a classroom teacher, I am expected to know how to use it. I would not be able to develop these new skills as quickly without a background in technology.

Our classrooms are constantly using iPads, mini laptops, and a Smart Board. Students are continuously exposed to technology outside of the classroom, and it makes learning more exciting to them when we are using up-to-date technology inside of the classroom, too."

Amanda's cheer squad won the "Spirit of Six" award by the SD Peace Officers Association. Find out more about the "Spirit of Six" award.

Last Updated: 10/10/13