Steven Rokusek '97Steve Rokusek

Bachelor of Science in Biology Education

Education Specialist/Outreach Coordinator at South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Interesting facts...

Steven, known as "Science Steve," has the opportunity to develop education resources for teacher and parents to use with children through his career as an education specialist/outreach coordinator at SD Public Broadcasting.

He recently returned to campus this past summer to film dissections with DSU Professor Dale Droge. The vidoes are serving as part of an online resource for K-12 teachers called "Old School Science Demonstrations" and are meant to be a supplement for teacher instruction in the classroom.

The project provides high-quality videos for teachers as well as supplemental lesson plans, student checklists, interactive Power Points and quizzes. Science Steve also provides videos that demonstrate different scientific concepts for students to watch.

His DSU experience...

"My education at Dakota State University prepared me for my career in many ways. One of my fondest memories of DSU was the personal/professional relationships I developed with my professors. DSU was unique because each student was known by name and not just a number. My education was personalized and I had the awesome opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in the region. DSU was the perfect combination of a small school atmosphere with big school opportunities.

I believe the professors at DSU prepared me for my career by providing a combination of educational opportunities including experiences like hands-on activities, inquiry based laboratories and real world experiences. I feel my education was very personalized. I try to convey this unique personalized education to the students and teachers I work with today.

In addition, DSU provided experience with technology. I am very thankful that DSU incorporated technology into my education. Even though the technology has changed vastly since my graduation, I feel DSU has given me the tools and most importantly the confidence I need to adapt to technological changes I encounter today and in the future."

Video of Science Steve demonstrating the Bernoulli's Principle.

See more of Steven's Old School Science Demonstrations and Dissections at

Last Updated: 10/3/13